Aaron Rhind

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Quick Facts

Acquired brain injury
How acquired
Date of Birth
Wed, 13/02/1991
Yass, NSW
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Adam Pine
Career Highlights
Breaking the world record at a short course championships in the 100m butterfly
Greatest Moment
Making his first National Swimming Team in 2010


Bursting onto the scene at the 2009 Australian Short Course Championships, Aaron Rhind broke the world record in the 100m butterfly, cutting a whopping 3.41 seconds off the original record. He swam six personal best times at the event and has since gone from strength to strength. After dropping back to the S6 category for the 2011 Arafura Games, he picked up one silver and two bronze medals from a successful campaign in Darwin.

Having had a stroke at the age of 10, Aaron suffers from a cerebral artery aneurysm, leaving his left side much weaker than the rest of his body. He has, however, used the gym to increase strength in his left leg and his swimming has reaped the benefits.

Aaron’s training partner is three time Olympian Adam Pine - a person who he views as a role model and significant presence in his career. His mum and dad have also occupied an enormous role in his life, providing unyielding support for Aaron when he became sick. His mother suffers from multiple sclerosis and her strength and determination has been inspirational.  

Outside of the hectic schedule of training and competing, Aaron enjoys watching rugby, hanging out with his friends and reading. The Yass local attended school at St Francis Xavier in Canberra and has since completed a Certificate III course in Childcare.

Aaron uses music to psyche himself up prior to racing, listening to a playlist of songs including dance and techno tunes. He has designs on being a successful Paralympian for years to come, not only in his attempt to win gold at London 2012 but plans to still be competing at Rio 2016.

Sport & Disciplines

Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 100m freestyle
Classification: S6
Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 100m backstroke
Classification: S6
Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 200m individual medley
Classification: SM6
Sport: Swimming
Disciplines: 50m butterfly
Classification: S6