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Football (7-a-side) has been officially part of the Paralympic program since the 1984 New York Paralympic Games. The sport is played by athletes with cerebral palsy with seven players on each side.To be eligible to play football 7-a-side, a person must have cerebral palsy or an acquired brain injury and be able to walk and run sufficiently for the sport of football.


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Events & Disciplines

A Men’s 8 team tournament is run at the Paralympic Games


Who is eligible for Football 7-a-side? Ambulant athletes with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or similar conditions.

What are the classes? Players are classified into four classes depending on their functional ability, classes FT5 – FT8.

How do I get a classification? Request a classification using the Get classified form.

Classification Masterlist: See below for the National Football Classification Masterlist. Athletes who have been nationally or internationally classified as per IPC / CPISRA Classification Rules or APC Classification Policy are automatically included in this database.

Football Australian Classification Masterlist Jan 2015 PDF
Football Australian Classification Masterlist Jan 2015 RAR

Rules & Equipment

There are seven players on field at any one time including the goalkeeper and teams must always have one FT5 and FT6 player on field. Teams can have a maximum of two FT8 players on field at any one time. This ensures that any player regardless of class, has an integral role to play in the team structure.

The field of play is roughly three quarters the size of a regular football pitch. It is a rectangular soft surface 75 metres long and 50 metres wide. For official national and international matches, the game must be played on a synthetic outdoor hockey field.
The ball must be approved with the outer surface made of leather or other suitable material. The ball must have a circumference of between 68 to 70cm, weight between 410 to 450grams.

The goals are 5m wide by 2m high with netting.

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