What is the Select-a-Sport tool?

The Select-a-Sport tool has been designed to help you determine which Para-sports you might be eligible for.

The rules of every Para-sport are different, with some open to all impairment groups and others open only to one group. Athletes with similar impairments are grouped into classes for competition. This process is called classification.

How do I use the Select-a-Sport tool?

  1. Select the category which best describes your impairment.
  2. Answer the questions and you will be given a list of Para-sports in which you might be eligible to compete.
  3. Contact the APC on 03 8633 9002 or for more information on getting involved in your Para-sport of choice.

What if I have more than one impairment type?

If you have more than one impairment type, you may be able to compete in a number of sports or in different classifications – see Classification for more details.

What if my impairment, or a sport I’m interested in, isn’t shown in the selections?

The Select-a-Sport tool features sports which are currently on the IPC Paralympic Games program. Some Paralympic sports do not have a program in Australia and others will develop over the course of a Paralympic Games cycle. If your impairment is not listed and you are not sure if it is eligible for Paralympic sport, we recommend you contact the National or State Federation for that sport to find out more information.