Paralympic Corporate Challenge

Inspiring you to be your best!

An experience like no other, the Paralympic Corporate Challenge is unique in its ability to offer your staff both professional development and lots of fun! We are able to tailor each day to suit specific learning objectives, adapting the program depending on the number of participants and time allocated for the event.

The Challenge is designed for up to 100 participants to compete in Paralympic sport events. For many participants, they are playing sports they’ve never done before…. and in some cases, that they’ve never heard of before! Many may feel excited but slightly daunted at the start of the Challenge, but introductions by some of our great Paralympic athletes will soon set their fears at bay and provide the inside tips, encouragement and inspiration to conquer their new experiences!

Events are structured with professional development components built in. There is a debrief at the end of the Challenge to recap on key learnings and how these can translate into not only the workplace, but to empower their own lives.

Participants enjoy the challenge of running 100m blindfolded, testing their chair skills in the fast-paced wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby and seeing the game from a difference perspective in seated volleyball. Many of these sports are unique to the Paralympic movement and are therefore new and exciting for the participants.

Events can be delivered anywhere in Australia and our experienced team will take care of all the preparations including venue, equipment, the speakers and program.


We know you’ll love your experience with the Paralympic Corporate Challenge. We’ve received positive feedback from the many people who have been a part of the Challenge. Below is a quick snapshot of some of these:

  • It was one of the best team building days I’ve ever participated in
  • Great fun, teamwork and support for the Paralympics
  • Experience a fun, yet challenging event where people learn more about themselves and each other
  • Build and strengthen relationships within teams but also across organisational departments
  • Build on other company training and development activities
  • The speakers – very inspirational
  • Good banter, great hosts and loved the wheelchair rugby
  • Well organised and fun events that anyone could do
  • Great team building during the activities and fabulous hearing Paralympic Stories

So give your staff, clients and stakeholders the opportunity to be inspired by some of Australia’s greatest athletes. Just contact Adriana Aguilera via email or on 02 9704 0533  to get your own Paralympic Corporate Challenge underway…. we promise that you’ll have a fantastic time!