Powerlifters on track for London

London Paralympians Abebe Fekadu and Darren Gardiner have posted impressive performances at the National Powerlifting Championships in Brisbane, less than 50 days out from the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Competing in the 100+kg bodyweight division, Gardiner lifted 224kg to win the Best Male Lifter award at his last competition before London.

The dual-silver medallist, who plans to retire after London, has re-located to Brisbane in the lead-up to the Games in order to train more closely under Australian Head Coach Ray Epstein and alongside fellow competitor Abebe Fekadu.

Fekadu also lifted well in the 56kg division, with his best list at 157kg, two kilograms heavier than his best lift in Beijing four years ago.

 “Both lifters had to be in the top 10 in the world in their respective bodyweight categories to make the Australian team, so it’s a tremendous achievement just to be selected,” said Head Coach, Ray Epstein.

“Darren is on a mission to win Paralympic gold before he retires and Abebe is aiming for a personal best to get him into medal contention, so they’ll be able to drive each other on in training and we’ll see what happens in London.”

In London, Fekadu will compete on Friday 31st August in the 56kg division while Gardiner will compete on Wednesday 5th September in the 100+kg division.

Posted 18/07/2012

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