Quick Facts

Physical Impairment – double above knee limb loss and loss of fingers.
Wheelchair Rugby
How acquired
Homemade explosive
Date of Birth
January 8, 1987
Pakenham, VIC
Motivational speaker and teacher
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia
Career Highlights

Playing a season in the USA national league where he won a number of MVP awards

Greatest Moment

"The short" - Michael Jordan scoring within the last three seconds in a Chicago Bulls v Cleveland CCavaliers game


Matt Lewis was 24-years-old when making a bomb in an at-home experiment went terribly wrong.

Full of confidence, Matt’s plan was to drop the home-made bomb full of explosive chemicals on a pile of dirt and watch it explode from a far with friends. As he gave the bomb a shake, it exploded sooner than expected, throwing him and a friend into the air.

Lying on the ground, Matt’s legs were hanging by threads and most of his fingers had been torn apart. His friend was hit predominantly in the face and saw him lose his eyesight and much of his hearing.

After being air lifted to Melbourne Hospital, Matt was put into an induced coma for just over a month and both his legs were amputated.

The next six months saw him undergo multiple operations, surviving fevers and infections, and following hospital, spent eight months in rehabilitation trying to rebuild his life.

An encounter with Victorian coach Bryce Alman while still in hospital saw Matt discover wheelchair rugby. Matt credits the sport with changing his life believing it has given him a purpose for living, keeps him fit and active and that it has introduced him to new people and opportunities to travel the world.

Matt has been a member of the Steelers squad since 2014, and prior to this played a season of wheelchair rugby in the USA national league for five months, where he won a number of MVP awards. His ultimate goal in sport is to play at a Paralympic Games, and specifically in the team that competes at Rio next year.

Outside of wheelchair rugby, Matt is completing an electrician apprenticeship and also spends his time speaking to teens about danger and the consequences of risks.

Sports & Disciplines

  • Sport: Wheelchair Rugby Classification: 3.5