Quick Facts

Vision Impairment – Cone-rod dystrophy
How acquired
Date of Birth
January 19, 2001
Faulconbridge, NSW
Started Competing
First Competed for Australia

Maddie Elliott

Career Highlights

First open national championships in 2014


Jenna Jones was born with a rare degenerative vision impairment called Cone-rod dystrophy. Diagnosed when she was in kindergarten, her parents encouraged her to try all sports. But as her eyes deteriorated, swimming was seen as the safer option.

Jenna had been swimming for about seven years until starting to train under coach Nick Robinson in 2014 where she started to see rapid improvements.

In 2014 she competed at her first Australian Open Championships. At just 13 years of age, Jenna had low expectations going into the event but surprised herself with her success. She made three A Finals and two B Finals and set 11 Australian Age records.

At the 2015 Australian Championships Jenna was battling illness but still managed to come away with her first national open medal – silver in the 50m breaststroke. At the 2015 Australian Age Championships, she was a resounding success – winning six gold and three silver medals. She also broke nine Australian and 10 state records in her class.

In November 2015, Jenna won her first national short course title in the women’s multi-class 50m backstroke.

Jenna is one of six kids, with four older brothers and one younger sister. In the future she would like to work as a physiotherapist or work with animals.

Sports & Disciplines

  • Sport: Swimming Disciplines: 100m Backstroke Classification: S13
  • Sport: Swimming Disciplines: 100m breastroke Classification: SB13
  • Sport: Swimming Disciplines: 100m freestyle Classification: S13
  • Sport: Swimming Disciplines: 200m individual medley Classification: SM13
  • Sport: Swimming Disciplines: 50m freestyle Classification: S13